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Eric Haas - Owner of Qlines

Eric Haas, owner of Q-Lines, LLC, from Canterbury, CT. We Are your 1 stop contractor that can do any/all of your parking lot maintenance needs. We have extensive knowledge in Line striping, Seal coating and Hot Crack filling. Quality Lines can do a re stripe of present lines or can do complete new layouts for your parking lot.

Q-Lines, LLC is available for work anywhere in Northeast New England to include CT, MA, RI and the eastern part of New York.

Q-Lines, LLC, a Sole Proprietorship, was started in 2002. I had been employed for a building maintenance company that closed down. I had done line striping for this company and really liked what I was doing. Upon their closing I had to opportunity to purchase the line striping portion of the business. At this time I had 1 Graco line striping machine. Q- Lines uses Graco Equipment I now have 3 Graco line stripers allowing me one for each needed color—White, Yellow Q-Lines Eric HassBlue for ADA Handicapped areas. One of my machines is a rider which allows me to ride similar to a lawnmower which is very useful on large parking lots, making striping go much quicker.

From this point on I started to and I am still expanding my customer list. I was only doing line striping and on several occasions customers would ask about Seal coating and if I did it or knew of anyone that did do seal coating. I couldn’t really find reliable co-workers for seal coating so I decided to expand in 2007 and start to do Seal coating and Hot Crack filling. I purchased my Sand-pup seal coating tank, and push melters for hot crack filling. I can now start with a parking lot or driveway that is in very poor condition and make it come back to life looking brand new again. I do this by cleaning out the cracks of grass and other debris and then fill them with the hot crack fill material. I then seal coat the parking lot or driveway. The product that I use is a Neyra sealer and cures in 48 hours when customers can then drive back on to the surface. Line striping can follow seal coating the following day if it is a business/commercial parking lot.

In the next few years I see my business growing as I continue to obtain new customers. I really enjoy what I do as I have been doing this since I was 5-6 years old when I used to draw lines for my matchbox cars using chalk. It was my favorite pastime to do.

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