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Q-Lines Questions and Answers Painting

  • What color should I paint my parking lot?
    I recommend yellow for commercial lots or big box store lots and white for Professional Buildings such as Doctor’s and Lawyers, Insurance Co. and Banks.
  • How long does it take for the paint to dry?
    10- 20 minutes. I use a Hydrophast Waterborne paint.
  • How can I make the Stop Bars more visible?
    I use glass beads which makes them reflect at night.
  • Should I have the Blue Square or just the man in my Handicapped Spots?
    The Blue square makes handicapped spots much more visible both during the day and at night.

Q-Lines Questions and Answers Seal-Coating and Hot Crack-fill

  • What kind of sealer do you use?
    It is a coal tar sealer and the brand is Neyra.
  • How long does the sealer take to dry and when can I drive on it?
    It is usually cured in 48 hours and you can drive on it. I recommend 3-4 days if possible in shady areas.
  • Should I do 1 coat of sealer or 2 coats?
    I recommend 2 coats if it is a heavy traffic area of constant driving over the same area. Entrances and Exits of commercial lots especially would want to consider 2 coats.
  • How long before the lines can be put back down?
    The lines can be done the very next day after sealing as my machines are very light and the sealer is dry enough for me to be on it.
  • Does the crack-fill dry quickly?
    Yes, the crack-fill can be driven on right away because the sand product that I put over the hot crack-fill makes it dry instantly and cures it right away.
  • What can I do about the oil spots in my driveway?
    I have a oil spot product that I can scrub them with before I seal it. It will make the sealer adhere better.